Why are we doing this?

Gemini Cancer actually approached me with the idea of starting a blog after we’d both done some writing for her sister’s. I’ve always loved writing and sharing my thoughts so it seemed like the perfect way to do both. We tend to have the most random, yet stimulating conversations whenever we’re together and I always wondered whether other people did too? I guess we’re hoping to create a platform that discusses issues not often discussed, or topics that people are too shy to ask their friends about. A safe space for opinions, really.

CancerTime and time again Gemini and I have had incredible conversations and interesting perspectives on varied subjects. So when I had the idea of creating a relatable space to do that, she was the first person I gravitated towards because we balance each other out really well in terms of what we bring to the table. We hope to delve into all things interesting and showcase the conversations which we believe are important through this project. Oh…and we  plan on having a fucking blast while we are at it so stay tuned!

Why the names?

GeminiAh, that’s a fun one! Ever read those horoscopes and have ‘a-ha’ moments where you shout out at the medium you’re reading and go ‘hey, that’s me!’? I always did that, still do (as embarrassing as that is to admit), and talking to Cancer, I found she does too. Why not have some fun with it? It seems like a good way to add a little mystery to the page, while still exposing tidbits of our personalities.

Cancer Obviously because we are hopeless addicts of Ask Ganesha and believe that every horoscope related post we come across on our Instagram feed represents the way, the truth and the light..lol. But on a serious note, we both enjoy Astrology so when we were playing around with names, it was only natural that our star signs came up and we liked this one the most.

Who are we?

GeminiCancer is one of the most wonderful people I know, and I say this genuinely. She’s loud, smart, funny as hell, sassy, emotional, beautiful, kind (so damn kind), and an incredible human being through and through. She cares so much for the people in her life, always going above and beyond, and she gives so much of herself without expectation. Combine all of that with her business acumen, her go-getter attitude, curiosity, and her ever-expanding intelligence, I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to embark on this journey with.

Cancer – To simply put it, Gemini is a remarkable human. Her selfless nature and willingness to help everyone around her is one of her greatest attributes. Beyond that, she’s a great confidant with a big heart and so much intelligence and wit. Gemini is currently working towards becoming a Psychologist and is also a great writer with a number of interesting projects going on for her at the moment [STAY TUNED]. Oh, and her first love is family, second is her dogs.. But to be honest she probably considers her dogs as part of the family, so let’s just leave it at family.