I often think of parenting and how much our parents sacrifice for us. We view them as these superheroes who can do no wrong, fully forgetting that they are human and can often stumble and fall.
There is so much strength and resilience required to raise a family and it gets me every time when I think of what my parents have done for me.

When I think of everything they have sacrificed for me and my 3 siblings to be happy.

When I think of how easy they make this sacrifice seem when we all know how painful sacrifice and compromise can be.

I don’t know if there’s a love deeper than that of a parent, but I don’t know if  I’m making this statement from a point of of privilege; because my parents have been nothing short of amazing.

Not to say that they aren’t flawed, because no one is perfect! But their flaws as people seem so minuscule in comparison to their capabilities as parents.

Parenting is a job. Parenting is a role that’s hard. Parenting has no training. Parents go through so much, too much even; especially when we refuse to listen to them or think we know better and even in some instances cause then pain and frustration. Yet we sometimes forget this. Cause it’s easy to forget. It’s easy to be irritated. It’s easy to think we are right.
And sometimes maybe we are.

I’m not a parent yet, but if I can be anything close to what my parents are to me, I would have done my part. Because they have done a lot.

So let’s just celebrate them while we can. Let’s love them and cherish them to be best of our abilities, because they are more than deserving.
Love yours.
I love mine.


– Cancer




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